Thiol Chemistry

PDx BioTech proprietary technology is based upon thiol chemistry. Thiols are highly reduced sulfur-containing compounds found in nature, and whose accumulation at very high levels in mammals is an indicator of biochemical pathophysiology. These chemomarkers, or chemicals whose accumulation is a marker of an ongoing disease process, are present and associated with periodontal disease activity.

In particular, thiols such as hydrogen sulfide accumulate when certain anaerobic bacteria proliferate in anatomical compartments such as the gingival sulcus which, when diseased, develops into a deepening periodontal pocket. Studies have shown that when gum health declines, certain anaerobic bacteria proliferate as periodontal pocket depth increases. In addition, the concentration of thiols in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) increases as pocket depth increases.

Polymicrobial infection, inflammation and tissue destruction giving rise to periodontal disease occur subgingivally, or below the gum line, and as such are an invisible epidemic, often difficult to detect and treat. Consequently, a broad-based test using PDx BioTech quickstrip technology can bring active periodontal disease into broader awareness, earlier in the disease process.