OraStrip QuickCheck Canine

OraStripTM QuickCheck Canine is the first detection and monitoring device for active periodontal disease in dogs.

When used in conjunction with visual clinical exams, OraStrip QuickCheck Canine provides:

Detection – Identifies active periodontal disease within 10 seconds of use.

Monitoring – Assists in monitoring treatment plans.

Prevention – Can detect infection prior to clinical manifestations which may lead to prevention of the development and/ or progression of periodontal disease.

Compliance – Provides client with a visual objective confirmation of active periodontal disease which has been shown to increase client compliance with cleanings and treatment plan recommendations.

Since OraStrip can be used without sedation, the veterinarian can detect and monitor oral active periodontal disease without the cost and risk of anesthesia. The use of OraStrip offers veterinarians the ability to monitor the progression or reversal of active periodontal disease in dogs.