Human Pipeline


OraLinkTM is under development as a point-of-care diagnostic and screening device for dentists, physicians and and an array of healthcare professionals to aid in the detection and monitoring of periodontal disease activity in adult patients. OraLink provides quick results as a chair-side test, optimized for ease of use by dental professionals as an adjunct to traditional methods for diagnosis of periodontal disease. OraLink can be used as a qualitative medical screening in high-risk patient populations — cardiovascular, diabetes and pregnant women at risk for pre-term births — to detect periodontal disease activity prompting patient referrals to dental care providers.

OraLink is designed to provide patients with a visual readout and serve as a communication tool between the patient and healthcare provider on the need for optimal oral care.. OraLink line extensions can also be developed for consumer monitoring of gum health at home.

SmartBreathTM QuickCheck

SmartBreath QuickCheck is under development as a consumer over-the-counter quickstrip for the detection of bad breath (halitosis). Because there are currently no objective convenient means to self-assess breath, SmartBreath provides a solution to consumer needs for a test that is simple, rapid and confidential for self-detection of halitosis.

SmartBreath will provide qualitative results that are easy for the consumer to interpret, encouraging good oral hygiene such as flossing and the use of mouth rinses, and increasing consumer confidence.