Management Team

Leslie Herzog, President & Chief Commercial Officer

Joining PDx BioTech in 2005, Ms. Herzog led the company from an early-stage venture to a commercial enterprise. Ms. Herzog has a diverse background in human and animal health with a passion for emerging technologies. Ms. Herzog spearheaded paradigm shifts for early detection and monitoring tests that improve decision-making, clinical outcomes and patient compliance. Ms. Herzog drove the acceptance of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology as an advanced lipid test more predictive of heart disease outcomes and a rapid testing platform to detect and monitor thiols, indicative of oral infection that can impact systemic health, while championing the inclusion of a thiol test in the AAHA Dental Care Guidelines. Ms. Herzog has a broad understanding of today’s healthcare trends and influences, allowing for deep knowledge of value-based care and provider partnerships, helping to provide continuous clinical, operational, and financial efficiencies, improving outcomes while reducing costs. Ms. Herzog offers thought leadership with challenging reimbursement models and pharmacoeconomic shifts by insurers for a resourceful approach toward buy & bill models, aligning to market demands when launching new products in primary care, specialty, or the hospital setting.

Expert in turnaround, leading change, scaling operations, and managing teams for innovative product launches in the US with expansion in global markets. Lead negotiator for business development activities, managing global contracts and strategic alliances. Background and experience in pharmaceutics, biologics, complementary-companion diagnostics, and food safety technology sectors, bringing forward 24 years’ industry experience. Ms. Herzog holds a B.S. in Biology from Morehead State University and completed executive education from Harvard and Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management and is a co-author and inventor. Ms. Herzog currently serves on the Board of Directors of PDx BioTech and is an industry consultant for growth-stage companies. Prior to joining PDx, Ms. Herzog held various positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb and LipoScience Inc. in sales, marketing, managed care, and business development, after having begun her career in research and development in the petrochemical industry.

David McClure, Chief Scientific Officer

Recently appointed PDx BioTech’s Chief Scientific Officer, biochemist David McClure has maintained a connection to the company since 2002. Before undertaking his current duties, David served as Chief Scientific Officer for a developer and manufacturer of canine, feline and equine health products and, prior to that, as Director of Regulatory Affairs for a human pharmaceutical and medical device company.

David holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of North Texas, where he was a Robert A. Welch Foundation fellow, an M.S. from the University of Louisville, and an A.B. from Harvard College. He conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and then earned tenure as a research chemist in the Pre-Clinical Science Unit of the Department of Veterans Affairs. David’s work on enzymes of sulfur metabolism has appeared in Biochemistry and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Anthony Burgess-Cassler, Vice President, Research and Development & Manufacturing

Tony joined PDx BioTech in September, 2010, after working as a product development scientist at QuantRx Biomedical. Prior to QuantRx, Tony helped develop in vitro diagnostics, primarily for rapid detection of HIV infection, at several companies including OraSure Technologies, Calypte Biomedical, and Saliva Diagnostic Systems.

Tony did post-doctoral work in cell biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Illinois-Urbana, and a B.A. in Chemistry from Valparaiso University.

Tamara Shell-Martin, Director of Customer Relations

Prior to joining PDx BioTech full-time in June 2011, Mrs. Martin served as Vice President of Finance for a commercial real estate development company, Langley Properties. Mrs. Martin also served as the financial consultant for PDx BioTech from March 2005 to June 2011.

Mrs. Martin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Ohio University.